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My goal is to help all my clients find a home or real estate scenario that meets all their needs.

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Elevating your living spaces with specially curated high quality, hand made interior design products shipped right to your door.

Crafting spaces that are beautiful to look at, yet function as realistic and cozy spaces. Lived-in cozy chic is my go-to!


As a real estate broker & investor and interior designer, I can find you a house and turn it into a beautiful, well thought-out home that meets basic aesthetic, functional and economical needs. Whether you're buying or selling, seeking project management or are looking for a full design I am ready to step in where ever you need. Let's work together.

Realtor | Investor | Designer | Lifestyler

Your home plays such an integral part in the foundation in which your life is built. With that in mind, I have shaped my practice around making sure that I am there for you throughout every step of your journey- whether it's finding a space or making it cozy!

- Mikisha

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