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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Hey hey! So this is my very first blog post and I have been super nervous and over critical of myself which is why it has taken me several years to actually sit down and start the writing process. There is so much great information that I am looking forward to offer that I know can be beneficial even for just one person. Yay here we go…!

This blog will be dedicated to sharing some awesome tips, tricks and facts all related to real estate and interiors. I may even add some tid-bits about projects I am working on, so keep your eyes peeled! I am so excited to share, as I have a flood of folks inquiring about real estate and interior design on my Instagram. People typically ask things like “where can I buy a mirror like that?” or have questions about the strength of the real estate market and the best times to sell. When giving you the low down on who I am, I am going to make it short and sweet… I might even bullet point this because I just “LOVE” talking about myself lol. 🙈

  • I graduated with my Bachelors of Arts in Interior Design in 2011

  • I have been an active Interior Designer for 9 years. The firms that I have worked for have ranged from historical preservation to technical design. 

  • After a year of working at each firm I was, for some unfortunate reason, laid off. Of course right before it was time to receive benefits. 

Me in my home, interior design has always been one of my main passions.
  • I spent many years in my 20’s finding myself. My career path was looking bumpy and ultimately was affected my marriage. An opportunity came up to jump on a plane and fly to Hawaii, so I took it. 10 days in to that trip I found out that I was pregnant.

  • In April 2015 my incredible son entered the world!! Best thing that I have ever done!

My husband Jimmy, son Yusef and myself.

  • I decided I needed to buckle down, so shortly after my son was born, I started studying for my real estate exam & license. Thank goodness my son is a sleeper because that allowed me to study from 5am to 9am every morning. I studied for maybe 3/4 months before finally becoming a licensed realtor!

I'm hoping to post here regularly and keep you updated on all things real estate and interior design related. Let me know any of your real estate or interior design questions or thoughts below! And introduce yourself in the comments.

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